Soul Seek orbits around the feeling of loosing oneself in the dark forest of another, when the way back is no longer in sight.

Soul Seek is an examination of the emotional textures of our self-perception and the desolating process of projecting our own identity onto one another. This musical drama can be seen as a fourth movement in the ongoing artistic dialogue about identity-loss and identity-switch, as it was initiated by August Strindberg with his play The Stronger, then further examined in Ingmar Bergman’s Persona, and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive. Resonating with these previous artistic statements about the vulnerability of the self, Soul Seek concentrates on the Sisyphean desire for curing one’s own damaged self through random identification and projection.

Studio Minailo & Sjaron Minailo

Amsterdam based Studio Minailo is a studio for new music theatre and opera, led by director Sjaron Minailo. Studio Minailo is an artistic laboratory, experimenting with the combination of a variety of theatrical and cinematic forms, with (contemporary) music, aiming at redefining music theatre and opera, and bringing them to new audiences in new and unexpected locations.
The works of Studio Minailo and director Sjaron Minailo have been seen and featured in different festivals and opera houses in Europe and elsewhere. For more info check www.studiominailo.com

Anat Spiegel

Anat Spiegel is a vocalist, performer and composer dedicating her talent to the uprising order of cross- platform, interdisciplinary performance. After graduating from the Amsterdam conservatory in 2004 Anat has been involved in numerous projects and artistic residencies; performing, researching and guiding contemporary works. Spiegel is a regular interpretor of new vocal works by contemporary composers and a long standing collaborator with opera director Sjaron Minailo.
Anat’s works have been performed in Europe, Scandinavia, the United States, Israel and Japan. For more info check www.anatspiegel.com